Painter drawings are the basic moves of art. Time is marked by the painters and their drawings while contemporary art sketch the fiction of future. The choice of painters and drawings in World Offices where world projects are being generated is not a random choice. Selection of painters and paintings there represent an expertise of staff’s creativity and techniques. 

Choice mistakes are the greatest risks of every project and investment in the development of the regions in the world.

We present painters development, their talents, a creativity and professional power which keeps our view and modify the ideas when you mistakenly choose a future that is contemporary so as archaic is your thought.



Republic of Macedonia presents the exhibition ‘Architecture in the mirror: divine and daily’ 13th International Biennial of Architecture - Venice Biennale from 29 th August to 25 th November 2012.
The concept of the project is its tripartite structure, re-construction of analog models, the central mirror’s internal perspectives and the perspectives of the human eye, as collages with fragments from the films of Andrei Tarkovsky.

Art works


Artistic creations are Originals made out ​​of wood, paper, clay, textile, metals, glass and other natural or synthetic materials. Their esthetic form allows everyday use for everybody. The creative gift of the artists is in development from the first advice given from their parents and friends to the attendance at different events, fairs and trainings or seminars of all types of education. We admire the Originals, they manage to keep our attention with their drawings and the recognizable fragments.




Struga is an inspiration for the poets which we can see at the Struga Poetry Readings each year in august for more than half a century, where they read their lyrics at The Bridge of Poetry on the river of Black Drim. The beauty of the town Struga and Ohrid lake are the best memories of poetry evenings. With the reading of the poem “T’ga za Jug” from Konstantin Miladinov in front of the Home of Poetry in Struga, by lifting the festival flag and by starting the festival torch the annual edition the festival was declared open.

The Syrian poet presented itself with the lyrics of freedom which are her most powerful allies while the Russian poet threatened the producers in the media, calling them sharks who won’t be able to swim the sweat dream in Struga. The great poetic soul from Canada admitted that even the pencil that writes poetry is fearless because of protecting the lover’s distance.

This year Golden winner of Struga Poetry Evenings from South Africa read the poem ‘Johannesburg’, which also would be the first city in which he would show his ‘Golden Wreath’. The Macedonian poet who breathes the same Struga air is the winner of ‘Brothers Miladinovci’ award 2012 for the best book of poetry.




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