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Struga Poetry Evenings 2012 took place from August 23 th to 26th  in Struga, traditionally opened with the reading of the poem ‘T’ga za jug’ by Konstantin Miladinov. 51 st edition of the Struga Poetry Evenings which held on the Bridge of Poetry in Struga completed with presenting this year's laureate, south african poet Mongane Wally Serote who took the main award ‘Golden Wreath’ besides the jury handing three other awards: ‘Brothers Miladinovci’, ‘The Bridges of Struga’ and ‘Diaspora poet’s Award’. Poetic messages from the ‘Bridges’ sent the poets Mateja Matevski and Justo Jorhe Padron.

The ‘Brothers Miladinovci’ best book of poetry between two editions of the Struga Poetry Evenings Festival in 2012 awarded macedonian poet Milosh Lindro for his book ‘Basics of a sky’. Recognition ‘Bridges of Struga’ which UNESCO and Struga Poetry Evenings awarded the best young poet was become frenchman Fransoa Ksavie Megr. Ivica Chelikovik from Gothenburg, Sweden was awarded for the ‘Diaspora poet’s Award’.

Highest recognition of the festival, which consists of the filigree made ​​crown was awarded for the first time in 1966 to the russian poet Robert Rozhdestvenski for the best poetic song. Since 1971, when the winner was the american poet Wystan Hugh Auden, the ‘Golden Wreath’ was awarded for the poetic engagement.

The young macedonian poetry was awarded for the first time in the history of the Festival. Award ‘Enhalon’ for the best poetic song held on the event ‘Nights without Punctuation’ won Slavica Gadžova for her poetic verses ‘Letter 12’.

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