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We present art works, the products’ photography and the artist who produces originals. Contact data of the artists is in the CONTACT section where we could answer to your questions and inform you about the Originals that are available on our website

wall wooden hangers for coats, hats, scarves in different sizes;

wooden or paper holders for books, messages, pencils and jewelry;

clay products for the home - pots, boxes, vases;

souvenirs of metals, natural stones, wood and plastic;

jewelry of silver, gold and other natural and synthetic materials;

fashion accessories: wool, silk and cotton;

Snezana Doneva, Skopje ‘My work is a combination of craft skills and drawing. It is a manifestation of my desire to create a world in which we want to test the imagination to interact the audience around. My job is artistic creation and a reflection of my fascination with the freedom of expression. I want to have different styles of work. It is a great, lovely feeling so I would like to develop a sense of a color, a form and a composition’.


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